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Opportunity:           LikesXL

Current Personal Daily Profits: Approximately 140 euro’s a day


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WATCH THIS SPACE: LikesXL is changing it’s business format


The Launch of X12 has begun

XPro Overview and Instructions


Socialprofimatic – Automated Earnings


New Tycoon Plus

Summary: here are key points which convinced me to do this
and should convince you to do this also

1) It’s owned by Success Resources which is a 27 year old publicly listed company
on Australian Stock Exchange and organize biggest events in personal development
space all across south east asia , middle east , india and australia…

They get speakers like Tony Robbins , Brian Tracy , Jack Canfield and many others
of similar caliber in their seminars every week all around and hence reputation wise
they got much more at stake than us

2) This is the first week of the business and they already have office in Singapore with
live daily presentations and actual corporate people whom others can meet

I am infact personally flying to Singapore in 2 weeks to meet the management and see their

However my good friend from Singapore who sponsored me here is already going to their offices
everyday and is all legit

They have also got a phone line for customer service

3) This is the first week of the business as they launched on 1st March , 2018 in Suntech Singapore
in front of 2000 people and hence timing wise it doesn’t gets better than this

4) The product is done for you bitcoin cloud mining which is hot in demand product and everyone
needs it and everyone wants it

5) You get paid 6 % per month on your investment for 7 months plus capital back at end of 7 months so total
142 % in 7 months which comes to about 21 % a month….

Hence even if you cannot recruit , you can just earn pure passive income on automatic bitcoin mining

The returns are as per crypto mining industry standards and not some crazy numbers like in HYIP programs

6) its a unique 12 level dynamic compression pay plan which in a way helps you earn upto 30 % from unlimited

The new bitcoin business opportunity people  have been talking about for last 2 days
with you is really taking off fast in Singapore
Over 2000 people attended the launch event and daily presentations have started
Check out these pics






Backed by Success Resources which is a publicly traded 23 year old company in personal
development events and have likes of Tony Robbins , Jack Canfield and others as speakers , it does not gets better than this in terms of corporate credibility…

To add on top of this is the early timing as this opportunity only launched on 1st march..

Click here to get started here if you have not already done so…

Its simple – you get paid 6 % a month on your investment for 7 months = 42 % + your capital so 142 % in 7 months i.e 20 % a month approx..

Plus a 12 level comp plan where you earn from all purchases…

Already people are joining NewTycoon Plus in last 48 hours and this will easily touch
1000+ in next few days…

So get busy building this asap and start making $1000-$10,000/day in income in bitcoins

This is the General User Guide you will need to read

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